Statement from a business partner

Danish OPU trainees at Swoop

We have hired graduates from the OPU programme for the last four years and would strongly recommend the programme to any businesses thinking of taking on graduates from the scheme.

We have taken in 29 students to date and have found they have made a hugely positive impact.  We have had students work across many of our teams such as sales, marketing, customer support, partnerships and product.

We have found the students to consistently have a really positive attitude and a willingness to learn and get involved within the business from Day 1. It has been amazing to see them grow as people during their placement with us and very rewarding to see some of them go on to take full time positions within the business. Their attitude, manners and intelligence is first rate which is why we'll continue to be long term supporters of the OPU programme.

Ciaran Burke - COO & Co-Founder at Swoop Funding